Kennedy's Introduces Branded Line of Retail Products

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Kennedy's Introduces Branded Line of Retail Products
Kennedy's Introduces Branded Line of Retail Products
In response to more and more customer requests for specialty products, Kennedy's All-American Barber Club has designed a unique branded product line

From face creams and hair pomade to beard oils and aftershave, the male grooming business is booming. According to Euro Monitor, the men’s grooming industry in the U.S. is expected to bring in nearly $6.3 billion in revenue during 2016 alone.

That’s good news for businesses like Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club. Over the past year, they’ve been unveiling their very own branded line of men’s grooming products. Six months ago, their unique beard oil hit the shelves. Three months ago, they launched a line of more affordable products—including Kennedy’s shampoo, conditioner, hairstylers, conditioning treatment and hairspray. And most recently, the brand has launched their high-end line, which boasts shampoo, conditioner and eight different hairstylers. These new products join an existing line of preshave oil, aftershave soother and shave cream.

“When I first joined the brand, we weren’t doing a very good job at executing the position of strength we’re in to support our members and our customers. When we have someone sitting in the chair, as a barber, it’s our job to make them look good and make them feel good about themselves when they leave,” said Jay Hummer, CEO of Kennedy’s. “But we weren’t giving them the opportunity to go home and replicate the exact look we send them out the door with. And a lot of that has to do with the products the barbers apply.”

Hummer explained that they realized an incredible opportunity when a customer was sitting in their chair—the barbers were able to try out certain conditioners or branded pomades, showing customers firsthand how their products could sculpt, style and manipulate their hair. When the customer walks away satisfied with his new look, the barbershop can then point out what products were used and how much they cost. This is a chance to make the customer happy as well as an opportunity to bring in an additional source of revenue for our brand.

By branding its own products, Kennedy’s took its retail one step further. Rather than simply offering a line that could be found at any salon, Hummer believed that working with manufacturers to design their own conditioners, creams and shampoos opened up an additional opportunity to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

“This allows our brand to go home with the customer. When they purchase one of our products, they’re constantly exposed to the Kennedy’s name, and, in turn, they might share it with their friends or family,” Hummer said.

Hummer added that introducing a full line of retail products has brought about an additional stream of revenue for his franchisees. With most items ranging from $15 to $20, a shop with an average of eight chairs could bring in thousands of dollars in extra income.

“These products are really catching on. Our barbers have been quick to sample our new line on our customers, and our customers seem pleased with the results. More and more, they’re asking what’s being used in their hair. This shows us that the decision to develop a branded line of products does, indeed, work. We’re very pleased with the research and due diligence that lead us to this point, and it’s a great step forward for the entire brand,” Hummer said.

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