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Recurring Revenue Membership Model Allows Kennedy's Franchisee to Pursue Multi-Unit Ownership
Marc Oren is currently in the process of building out his second New Jersey location.

When Marc Oren opened his first Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club location in Westfield, New Jersey back in 2012, it was because of the brand’s unique model.

The leading Barbershop creates an unparalleled experience for both its franchisees as well as its customers. Guests are able to get a luxury experience at an affordable price, while franchisees benefit from the proven membership model. As Oren grew his business, he decided to expand with the brand and pursue a multi-unit ownership opportunity.

“I knew I wanted to open up a second Kennedy’s location because we were doing well. Every month there are more and more customers walking through our doors to try out our services and sign up for a monthly membership,” said Oren. “At the end of the day, we offer a premium service at an affordable price. That’s why the brand’s customer loyalty is so high.”

Part of that customer loyalty is due to the brand’s membership model. Kennedy’s gives its guests the opportunity to sign up for a variety of different packages, offering premium haircuts and shaves on a monthly basis. But the benefits associated with those quality services aren’t limited to customers—the membership program is also appealing to franchisees like Oren. The model creates a source of stability and recurring revenue that other brands in the industry aren’t able to offer.

“I like the security of knowing that I have a set amount of money coming in every month, and Kennedy’s makes that possible. Ultimately, the brand is built to help local owners like me succeed,” Oren said.

The advantages of joining Kennedy’s ever-growing franchise system go beyond its membership model. The brand also offers constant support, from effective online marketing strategies to real estate selection. Oren is relying on those services as he continues to build out his second location in Summit, which is expected to be open in December.

“There have been a lot of calls and text messages while I’ve been planning the opening of my second location—the corporate team at Kennedy’s is easily accessible and incredibly responsive,” said Oren. “But what makes Kennedy’s really stand out to me is the fact that we provide a valuable service to our customers. Because that value isn’t going anywhere, there are numerous opportunities for growth.”